Virtual Reality Players

iPlay SBS Video Player

Play any video in your phone in side-by-side (SBS) format suitable for Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Supports 3D & subtitles.

iPhotoVR SBS Photo Viewer

View slideshow of photos in your phone in big theatre size with a VR Headset such as Google Cardboard.

iPlayIT SBS Viewer for YouTube

VR Video Player to play any YouTube video in SBS format. Experience watching them big in a virtual reality movie screen!

iPlayHolo Holographic 3D Projector

Make your phone into a 3D holographic projector and view any YouTube video on it!

What our users say...
Great It works perfect, the graphics on point, it is amazing, especially if you don't have a gyroscope!
This app is fantastic - by far the best cardboard player I've found on here - it actually works with everything I've thrown at it, unlike any of the other numerous players I tried previously that invariably seem to perform well on a occasional basis.
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